You missed our live stream from September 21st from the Wildpark in Rosengarten? No problem! We recorded the event for you to continue presenting our wide range of security and surveillance cameras. Night vision in colour, thermal images via infrared and many more innovative camera functions that you should definitely take a look at!

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1. Night vision

Have you ever been wondering what animals do at night? With the help of our night vision camera, we get to the bottom of this question. The best thing about it: we see everything in colour! Thanks to extremely high light sensitivity, we no longer see the night in black and white only. Watch our new video to have a first glimpse at our high quality cameras!

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2. Zoom

Do you ever had the wish to get as close as possible to wild animals? Our cameras are equipped with zoom lenses that allow you to observe animals from a wide distance closely. Even if they seem far away you will feel like you are right in front of them. Watch our video now to get a first impression!

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3. Automated pixelation of faces

Adapt to the pandemic and equip places like zoos and theme parks with our cameras. We offer camera systems that record the number of guests and visitors. The faces of your visitors are automatically made unrecognisable. Check out our new video to be amazed by our Dahua innovations!

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4. Thermal camera

Our thermal cameras are not only a perfect tool to observe animals, they can also protect from danger. Thermal cameras detect long-rage temperature readings and can warn of fires.

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5. Animal and environmental protection

Preventing forest fires

A tree grows for several decades, but a fire can destroy it in a matter of minutes. Forest fires are one of those natural disasters that occur with sudden destructive fury and are often difficult to control. For this reason, preventing forest fires and the damage they cause to natural resources as well as property and sometimes even human lives is a priority for Dahua Technology.

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Species protection

The extinction of wildlife species is unfortunately one of the saddest facts of the world today. Due to environmental problems such as climate change, wildfires and pollution, many species on earth are under threat. The threat also comes from illegal human actions such as poaching, unauthorised hunting and logging.

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